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After hearing that she won’t be able to return to L.A. and getting told off by a used car salesman, Nora Starke finally breaks down. In her darkest* hour she is visited by unpleasant childhood memories. Don’t worry though – this is temporary, she will get back on her feet. […]

Nora Starke’s childhood memories

It’s hard sometimes, rewriting this book. Locations move around, characters change – characters DIE. It’s impossible to know if I’m really on to something here, and whether or not all these words will someday be in a book and make someone think, smile, or simply survive a dull evening. But […]

A couple of paragraphs I’m pleased with

Meet my main character Nora Starke! The lovely miss Starke, a top notch model booker in Los Angeles, is not really that bitchy… She’s just troubled sometimes. And busy with work. Super busy. Until she gets fired. For eh…throwing beer over someone. So yeah. She’s not bitchy – she’s the […]

Meet Nora Starke