Dorothy McQuaid from Backroom Whispering Productions and I talk about writing and the creative process. Like Real People! Everything you never knew you always wanted to know about the different functions of your brain, and how they influence the way you write.

Left brain, right brain, left knee (the brain and the ...

A fragment of the first chapter of my novel. Becca has just arrived at the hospital in her home town, Reno, after receiving some alarming news about her father. I ran up the steps to the front desk, and then all the way to the hallway where my family was […]

Growing up and other animals (chapter 1 fragment)

Goals are the perfectionist’s kryptonite. Yeah, I know, quite a statement. But it’s true – at least for me. Some writers thrive on goals, others choke on them. And since NaNoWriMo is all about goals, this might be a good time to assess in what category you belong. So writers, check […]

Goals: catalyst or kryptonite? (a post about NaNoWriMo)

Last year I advised somebody during a writing retreat, where he worked on a non-fiction essay about his family history. He obviously cared about his family, and thought it would be nice to pass this connection on to his own children. He loved something and he wanted to put it […]

Give advice, give yourself

Een oudje tussendoor. NB. Na twee zeer pijnlijke misverstanden en dito weken vol groene-appel-ellende van de voluptueuze misverstaanders: ik ben NIET tachtig kilo afgevallen op een dieet van groene appels. Dat was een grapje, omdat ik vond dat het beeldrijm met mijn logo zo lekker in beeld was gebracht. Sorry, […]

Wat gezegd wil worden

DE LAATSTE HERHALING: EEN COLUMN VAN FEBRUARI. DINSDAG BEN IK WEER THUIS! Wat andere mensen hebben met macaroni ham-kaas, heb ik met Joan Armatrading: een troostende hap nostalgie voor wankelmoedige momenten. Jarenlang werden tijdens de zomerse autotochten van ons gezin naar Frankrijk, alle openscharnierende groene panorama’s, rivieren in de diepte, […]

Joan, macaroni ham-kaas en de kunst van doen en laten