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Meet my main character Nora Starke! The lovely miss Starke, a top notch model booker in Los Angeles, is not really that bitchy… She’s just troubled sometimes. And busy with work. Super busy. Until she gets fired. For eh…throwing beer over someone. So yeah.
She’s not bitchy – she’s the EPITOME of bitchy.

Here she is on a photo shoot, dealing with a wayward model. Look at her go!

From chapter one:
“Nora?” Andy stands before her, his hand around the upper arm of a tall, pale girl. She has long, awkward limbs and freckled skin, and an absurdly beautiful face, like a sunflower. Veronica. “She says someone asked her for directions and she lost track of time.”
“Thanks, Andy.” Her back straightens.
The girl puts her hands on her hips with a hint of defiance. “Miss Starke-”
“Look at your watch,” Nora says.
Veronica, puzzled, looks down at her bare wrist. “I don’t have a watch. But hey, look, Miss Starke-”
“Look at your phone, then.” Silence falls upon the room. “Now. I mean it.”
The girl drags her phone from her stuffed Armani bag – a gift from one of the recent clients Nora helped her get with endless tenacity. All the hours spent on the phone making deals for Veronica fly by Nora, like the rustling pages of a book.“What time is it?” she says.
“Hey- Miss Starke? Listen, I know I’m-”
“What. Time. Is. It.”
Quizzically, Veronica scans the display. “13.48?”
“Alright. 13.48. Remember that.”
“What? Why-”
“Because that’s the time you got fired.”
It takes a few seconds to sink in.
“But-no! You can’t do that!” Shock spreads over the girl’s face. “This is so not fair. You can’t do this.”
“I can. You know the rules. If you fuck up at the job, you don’t have a job.”
“I didn’t fuck up…!”
“Listen, I’m not going to argue with you. Go home. You can come back to the agency later in the week.” Nora turns away to get her bag.
“But then I won’t get paid!”
“No, that’s correct,” she says briskly, “but at least you learned something important today.” She opens her bag. “Never think you’re irreplaceable.”
“Bitch.” Veronica is turning away as she says it.
The girl turns back, much younger suddenly – a school girl afraid to get scolded.
“Here.” Nora thrusts a handful of dollars at her. “Get home safely. And let’s keep this professional, okay? It’s just business.”
Veronica hesitates. Then her hand shoots out, snatching the money from Nora’s fingers. She turns and runs. She makes it all the way into the hallway before she starts to cry.

In her defense, Nora has had a pretty terrible day before this. Plus she will lose her job and her boyfriend before the day is out. But no matter what else happens, she will still kick butt. Because, you know, that’s how she ROLLS.

Oh, and this is what I imagine she looks like:


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