Regina Chapman

photo: Alvaro Barrientos All my life I’ve been unbeatable at fantasizing. Day-dreamer is my middle name. If I was bullied on the way home from school, I’d fantasize about sweeping back in as a warrior queen, striking down the bullies from high up on my horse. If someone was harassed on […]

Scared to get real

In my last post I introduced the term ‘shit detector’ as coined by Ernest Hemingway. The shit detector came up in the part of the post where I talked about the quintessential writing ingredient of ‘urgency’, and how to know when you’ve hit it: So if you can’t take your […]

How to hone your shit detector

I just spent an hour looking for a quote by John Irving, or rather, by Lily from his book The Hotel New Hampshire. I can’t find it. It’s not there. It doesn’t exist on the internet (which means it might as well NOT EXIST AT ALL) and I don’t have […]

I don’t know anything (and neither should you)

It’s been almost seven years since I graduated from writing school. Six since I first began working as a writing coach and copywriter; four since I started my novel. And all this time, I’ve been trying to find the balance between (financial) success and sheer passion, between professional praise and […]

How to construct your writing life

Okay, don’t worry. It’s not actually as bad as the title suggests. Or maybe it is. Hm. Not very consistent, am I? My current crisis has nothing to do with my writing, but everything with my health. I’m experiencing a major illness relapse, likely an after-effect of our trip to […]

How to write when you’re down and out